Tuesday, August 08, 2006


New URL - It's all over on blogger

It's been great here but I wanted to have my own URL so from now on you can find me at The Equity Kicker.

I've imported all the history from Blogger (thanks for being co-operative guys) and my first new post on "social networks - was I wroing to question their value?" is there.

Monday, August 07, 2006


T-Mobile doesn't get it

Mobile operators are so off the pace sometimes it is funny. Thanks to Sam Sethi for this critique on their theoretically £1 per day all you can eat service:

The downside of this service is that it's curently only available on the Motorola V3 RAZR and Nokia 6131, but T-Mobile promise it will be available on more handsets before Christmas. Oh, and you can't use VoIP, streaming video, or your laptop with it. So all the things I would really want to use cheap/free wifi for T-Mobile says I cannot!


Lego Gallery opening in Second Life

See Chris Garella of the Daily Graze.

The news just keeps on coming. It might all happen sooner than I expected.


Second Life - more real/alternate world convergence

See this post from Christian of Electric Sheep Company which describes a Second Life object which plays real world audio and hence raises a WHOLE WORLD (geddit?!?) of copyright issues.
So, you can access real world audio inside Second Life. How long before your Rhapsody subscription is extendable there?

I'm interested in Second Life because it has the potential to profoundly change the (aspects of) society. At the obvious end it offers a new way of spending leisure time. At the less obvious (and more radical) end it offers us the potential to re-organise the way we work and do chores (like shopping - Amazon store opens in Second Life). So far this is of more interest to the sociologist
than the venture capitalist in me as it feels kinda early to be funding companies that live off of Second Life (although Electric Sheep Company is leading the charge).

The other interesting thing about Chritian's post is the scale he is getting at SLBoutique - a virtual shop run by the Electric Sheep Company that sells artefacts for Second Life. They now 'stock' 100,000 items. They will be needing a recommendation engine!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Web2.0 in the enterprise - social bookmarking and tag clouds

I've been reading a lot about this lately - including http://stream.framfab.com/index.php?/trackback/1287/ (Framfab blog/discussion page) and http://jeffnolan.com/wp/2006/08/01/connectbeam-enterprise-social-bookmarking/ (Jeff Nolan) and I'm seeing a few start-ups in this space in the UK.

Cool stuff, and I think there might be a software opportunity here. The idea is that enterprises empower employees to create their own tags for documents which are shared with colleagues to make stuff easier to find. E.g. the finance department can have their own tags that they share and understand which can be different to the tags that the sales department uses, or marketing uses, etc. This has the twin advantages of being cheap to implement and better than a one size fits all taxonomy.

Technically the challenges are in usability and linguistic problems (dealing with synonyms and words with more than one meaning - extreme e.g. one man's 'bad' is another man's 'good'). This is where the software opportunity lies - although delivery will be best as a service.

From an investment perspective the challenge is predicting take up rates, ie. how quickly the market will grow.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Now power users are trying to leak out the top of MySpace

Dolce (aka the Queen Bitch of MySpace has nearly 1,000,000 MySpace friends) is trying to make an exclusive area within the site with extra functionality just for her network. Unsurprisingly they have told her no. As therubofclubs points out, "sking persmission to mashup MySpace is like asking your girlfriend's dad to spot you a condom" http://therubofclubs.com/blog/2006/08/01/myspace-to-dolce-you-are-forbidden-part-one/trackback/

So in addition to all the problems with the business model I've posted on before their biggest users might start to think they have grown out of MySpace.


"YouTube poster child for Bubble2.0?"

They pass 100m videos per day and TechCrunch want to know if they are going to make it. As with MySpace et al they need to monetise their traffic - only more so as streaming video ain't cheap. According to TechCrunch on the link below their single banner ads won't cut it.


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